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Author: Tasha Glen

The Germiest Places In Your Home

Germs love to hide out in warm places especially those that contain a little moisture. When we think about where these germs would camp out in our homes, our minds tend to go to the typical places such as the toilet bowl and countertops. However,

Cleaning Your Child’s Toys

Your child spends a lot of their time around Mr Bunny and friends, from tea parties to nap time. So you can imagine how many germs these toys can pick up and with children’s natural curious mouth, germs have a clear access to your child’s

How dirty can your smartphone get?

Do you remember the last time you cleaned or wiped down your smartphone? In this day and age, smartphones have become everyone’s best friend, everyone’s favourite companion… smartphones follow people everywhere. So of course, your handheld friend is bound to pick up a few germs

How to avoid flying germs?

Our generation is flying and travelling more than any other generation before and as much as we all love a good getaway, we don’t always realise how exposed to germs and bacteria we are while getting there. Aeroplanes are one of the most germ contaminated