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How dirty can your smartphone get?

Do you remember the last time you cleaned or wiped down your smartphone? In this day and age, smartphones have become everyone’s best friend, everyone’s favourite companion… smartphones follow people everywhere. So of course, your handheld friend is bound to pick up a few germs here and there.

In reality, scientists have discovered that your phone carries almost ten times the amount of germs than a toilet seat would. Can you imagine that putting your cheek against a toilet seat would be cleaner than picking up a phone call? Research has shown that your phone carries several types of pathogens and although not all are likely to get you sick, some are fairly serious. These include MRSA, a super bug that can cause skin infections as well as E.Coli, a bacteria that can cause diarrhoea. Having these pathogens on your smartphone may not necessarily cause immediate illness but it increases the risks of the pathogens getting into your system.

These pathogens make your smartphone their new home because it’s an ideal environment for them. As smartphones are so frequently used, your smartphone produces warmth on a regular basis. This warm environment is perfect for pathogens and hence allowing them to snuggle up on your smartphone. Scientists have tested smartphones and they’ve discovered that each square inch of your phone can host up to 25000 germs. You might be wondering, “ how does that much bacteria get onto my phone? “. Well, every time you pick up your phone, microbes and viruses from your fingers transfer to your phone. Think about the last five things you’ve touched and imagine how many germs that item could possess. On top of that, whenever you’re on call, you’re breathing out microorganisms that live in your respiratory tract, on to your screen.

Thinking about cleaning your phone more now? Maybe you’re even thinking about throwing it away after reading this but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! MyShield has been proven to kill pathogens such as MRSA and E.Coli in seconds, destroying up to 99.999% of the pathogens. So, just pop one or more of our bottles into your basket and get to spraying your handheld best friends now!


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