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The Germiest Places In Your Home

Germs love to hide out in warm places especially those that contain a little moisture. When we think about where these germs would camp out in our homes, our minds tend to go to the typical places such as the toilet bowl and countertops. However, there’s a few less typical places that we tend to neglect. Here’s a few of them;

1) Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen gets a taste if everything from fruits to vegetables to meat. Whenever you wash food in your sink or even when you’re washing your plates, food particles come off and get left in your sink. These food particles can serve as a breeding ground for bacterias that can cause illnesses such as e.coli and salmonella.

2) Kitchen Sponge

This article of cleaning is usually neglected for holding germs as it’s constantly covered in soap. However, germs love the sponge due to the amount of moisture and food particles hidden in the micro-crevices of the sponge. Ironically, the micro-crevices of the sponge is actually what makes it good for cleaning your dirty plates. It’s advised to replace your kitchen sponge weekly.

3) Toothbrush

We brush our teeth at least twice a day, usually leaving it out a whole day and a whole night to dry. During these periods, your toothbrushes are left damp which you can guess, germs love. If that isn’t scary enough, since your toothbrush is usually left near the toilet bowl, it can be exposed and contaminated by aerolized fecal bacteria when the toilet is flushed.

4) TV Remote Controls

From dirty floors to the in between of couch cushions to kids hands after eating, your TV control goes through a lot and touches many hands in the house. You can imagine how much bacteria builds up on the remote and people don’t usually wipe down their remotes. A University of Virginia study of cold viruses on household surfaces showed that remote controls have one of the most bacterias in a house.

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