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Cleaning Your Child’s Toys

Your child spends a lot of their time around Mr Bunny and friends, from tea parties to nap time. So you can imagine how many germs these toys can pick up and with children’s natural curious mouth, germs have a clear access to your child’s system.

You can gather how important the cleanliness of your child’s toys are but getting the technique right can be time consuming and dreaded. So, whether you’re a new mum or an experienced mum just looking to cut down cleaning time to have more “me time”, we’ve got you covered!

The first thing to note is that cleaning toys is a two stage process. The first stage is cleaning, followed by disinfecting. Sound a little similar? Well, they’re not. Cleaning is the physical act of removing germs from the surface of toys but disinfecting is the process of killing germs. The cleaning process is fairly simple. A rinse of warm water and some soap will work for most toys but to be extra sure, check the labels on your toy packaging. After that, leave the toys out to dry under the sun for a couple of hours.

Next comes the disinfectant process, this is where we’re going to help simplify the traditional process. Usually, toys are disinfected with a combination of bleach and water but getting the wrong ratio can be severely harmful for your child. Though the average household recommended amount of bleach isn’t usually harmful, bleach is still a toxic chemical that should be minimised in the lives of our children. An easier way to disinfect your child’s toys would be with the use of our MyShield product. Alongside killing 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, told and fungi, it is also eco-friendly and food grade and possesses many other factors that makes it suitable for children’s equipment. Spraying your child’s toys will disinfect them in minutes, saving you the time of mixing your own concoction and worrying about the side effects of bleach.

Now comes the question of how often should Mr Bunny be given a clean? Well this can vary based on toy. But in general here are a few key times to give the toys a bath;

1) Everyday Toys

Everyday toys are the toys that are in your baby bag every time you go out or toys that your child picks up the most. These toys should be cleaned daily as they’re carried around and touched the most, making it prone to germs. The most efficient way would be to give the toys a good spray at the end of the day, when your child is tucked away. These will ensure they’re play ready for the next day!

2) Post Playdate

If you’re having a playdate, kids tend to share toys and these toys can end up in a couple of mouths. If one of the kids were sick, it’s likely to transfer these germs to the toy and then back to your child so to be safe, give the toys a clean after playdates.

Hopefully our product helps to save you some time and also makes your child’s toys a little safer. Our little tip is to purchase a MyShield to carry around in your baby bag for immediate desensitisation in public places. If a toy drops on the floor, just pick it up, give it a spray and pass it back to your child!

Recommend: MyShield Personal for carrying around , MyShield Home (HomeShield) for disinfecting at home.

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